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Modernbanc Vault allows you to collect, store and share any kind of sensitive data including personal, payments, or card data.

Your workspace comes with a vault that holds your secrets, where each secret holds encrypted information.

You can create these secrets and later access them anywhere, including workflows and Javascript queries.

Can I use this to become PCI compliant?

Absolutely. We’ve built this functionality with PCI in mind so you can use it to either partially or fully remove the requirements for working with card data.

In combination with our accounting and workflows functionalities it enables an industry-first experience of building unique flows like smart-checkout where you have full programmatic control and can move encrypted data without ever seeing it.

To learn more about this contact us on Slack or at [email protected]

Getting started.

Explore our collection of guides to see examples of applications using Vault.

Collect data:

You can collect sensitive data by either sending it to us directly via secret endpoints or by using the following frontend SDKs which will securely collect and create secrets:

Share data:

You can either share your sensitive data directly, or show it through one of of our SDKs or by sending it via workflows. Using SDK and workflows is required to avoid becoming subject to PCI requirements.

If you have any questions on secrets functionality we reply in real-time on Slack or [email protected].

Migrating payments providers

You can also use Modernbanc to migrate payment providers. Sometimes a payment processor would ask you for a GPG key - you can provide Modernbanc's public key.

Modernbanc PGP key