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Sensitive Data

Workflows can process sensitive data (card data, personal data, etc...). This data can be redacted from workflow executions to make sure you are not logging any sensitive information.


Redacting sensitive data is configured in the replace field of a Workflow Version. It consists of many paths to replace and a string to replace them with.

Redactions are applied at the top-level of a Workflow Execution object, meaning you can redact info from the request, the execution steps, and the response.

The redact field follows the schema below:

{ redact: { paths: string[], with: string }[] }

The replace field of workflow versions can be set via the API or UI

  • Navigate to the Workflows page, or press G and then W.
  • Click on the workflow you want to edit.
  • Select the version you want to edit in the top bar version selector.
  • Click Edit in the topbar.
  • Click the Versions tab in the left side bar.
  • Update the Replacements field and click Save in the top bar.