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Modernbanc Android is an official Android library you can use to securely collect sensitive data from your users and store it in Modernbanc's encrypted vault.


You can install this library via Jitpack.


  • Android 7.0+ (API level 24+)
  • AndroidX


To install modernbanc-android add the following to your build.gradle;

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.Modernbanc:modernbanc-android:<tag>'


This library contains a ModernbancInput component that you can embed into your app. It is a native component that aims to mimic EditText so you can style and customize it to your liking.

To use it initialize a Modernbanc API client and then pass it to the ModernbancInput.

val apiClient = ModernbancApiClient(apiKey)
val modernbancInput = ModernbancInput(context = requireContext(), client = apiClient)

Once the user has entered the details you can create a secret from the value in the input.

  onResponse = { response: CreateSecretResponse? ->
      // Handle the secret response here
      val secret = response?.result?.firstOrNull()
      Log.d("CreateSecret", "Secret created: ${secret?.id}")
      activity?.runOnUiThread {
          secretLabel.text = "Created secret with id ${secret?.id}"
  onFailure = { error: MdbApiError? ->
      // Handle the error here
      Log.e("CreateSecret", "Error: ${error?.code} - ${error?.message}")
      activity?.runOnUiThread {
          secretLabel.text = "Oops there was an error ${error.toString()}"


We prevent you from accessing input's raw text but if you want to validate the input you set your validation function in the following way:

val isLongerThan5Characters: (String) -> Boolean = { it.length > 5 }
input.validationFn = isLongerThan5Characters
Log.d("Value is currently valid: ", input.isValid.toString()) // Should print `false`

Demo app

The project also contains a demo-app, to run it ensure that you create an substitute an API key with write permission for secret functionlaity.