Payments Data Platform | Modernbanc


To get started with Modernbanc you need to create a workspace.

Workspaces are where you:

You can add other team members to your workspace to collaborate with them.

To start interacting with the workspace via API, you'll need to generate API keys first.


Every new workspace will have these defaults:

  • Two default environments: test and live. (We'll allow deleting these or creating new ones soon)
  • Three default roles: Admin, Developer, and Viewer. Each default role has environment-scoped versions making a total of 9 default roles.
  • 250+ pre-defined units, inc. all ISO 4217 currencies, crypto-currencies, and other popular units of measurement.


You can create Accounts, Routes, Transactions and Entities in different environments.

Environments are beneficial when you want to test your app or run workflows without worrying about it affecting production or other environments.

Once you create these objects in one environment, you cannot move them to a different one.


Modernbanc has a very granular permission system built to suit any organization, regardless of size.

You can read more about roles here.