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What are routes?

Routes are doors for amounts to come in and out of your accounts. In the real world, you'd think of routes as payment methods, e.g., one account can have multiple routes such as ach or a card.

Route Variables

Like many other objects, Routes can store variables, which helps describe or differentiate the route. For example, if it's an ACH route, you can add account_number and routing_number, or if it's a card, you can put card_number or card_holder_name.

Routes with Definitions

When you know you'll be creating similar routes (e.g., cards), you can create a reusable definition for them. It's helpful for categorization or when you want to enforce definitions for variables for all routes under this definition.

For more information about how routes can be defined by definition, visit here.


Create a route

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List routes

  • Navigate to the Routes page, or press G and then U.
  • You can view all routes, and can narrow the results by applying Filters or Sorts.

Update route

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Archive route

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