Payments Data Platform | Modernbanc


Modernbanc helps companies build a better financial stack by:

  1. Integrating all processors in one place.
  2. Orchestrating payments and money flows.
  3. Centralizing financial data.
  4. Automating financial processes end-to-end.

Why Modernbanc?

A typical company has 5+ accounting, financial and payments systems. This creates silos in your stack and organization - slowing you down, posing risk and getting in the way of growth.

Modernbanc modules were designed from first principles to help you:

  • Save time and reduce costs - we reduce your engineering and operations burden allowing your team focus on things that make a difference to your business.
  • Prevent financial errors - it's an unnecessary risk to maintain balances in-house - our ledger and strong-typed money system ensures no penny goes unaccounted.
  • Have visibility into financial data - search all your accounts and transactions in real-time, retrieve historical balances, generate reports and stay audit-ready with full log of changes made to any record.

How it works

We can achieve this by offering three financial systems of record that integrate seamlessly together and are operated with Workflows:

  1. Ledger - low-latency database to keep track of your accounts, balances and transactions.
  2. Vault - programmable Vault to integrate any processor and power PCI-compliant payments orchestration.
  3. Storage - integrated file storage for handling financial files such as invoices, reports and reconciliation spreadsheets.

Getting started

1. Connect your providers.

Create your initial connections to reflect payment processors, financial data sources or other providers. Our low-code UI allows you to integrate providers like Stripe in seconds.

2. Set-up your workflows.

From low-code UI editor to full-code deployment, set-up compliant payments orchestration and financial processes for any use-case in minutes.

3. Integrate your product.

Integrate your app and backend with Modernbanc core to make payments, read and write transactions and accounts. Compliantly collect sensitive cardholder or other payments data with our headless native UI components.


Unsure about whether Modernbanc is a fit for your company? We're here to answer your questions in real-time. Chat to us