Payments Data Platform | Modernbanc
Give your finance team the superpower of AIAutomate reconciliations and financial data analysis with AI on top of centralized financial data. No code required.


Reconcile balances and transactions across different systems.
Financial analysis
Dig deep and track key financial metrics. Ask and get answers.
Automate repetitive processes, claim back time to focus on the big picture.

Flexible interface inspired by spreadsheets

Sheet feature
Real-time financial data
Native real-time support for financial objects like accounts and transactions.
AI feature
Powered by AI
Discover insights, automate redundant steps with financial data co-pilot.
Workflows feature
Complete automation
Automate reconciliations, reporting and data analysis end-to-end.
Time to value fast

How it works?

Connect your data sources.
Set-up your data sources and stream them into Modernbanc. We can store financial data as well as files and even tokenized payments data.
Work with your data
Work with AI to reconcile transactions, automate redundant processes and migrations. Create ledger entries and compliantly move sensitive payments data.
Save your steps as a workflow to automate the process and claim back time to focus on other things that will make a difference.

Make a difference to your business

Give your team the best tools.
Give your finance team operational leverage to punch above their weight with AI-powered automation.
Save time
Never repeat the same process twice. Automate away the most complex reconciliation.
Cut costs and spot opportunities.
Observe trends to analyze cost-cutting or revenue opportunities.
Do what's right for your business

Stop building undifferentiated infrastructure. Unlock scale with a better payments stack.

SOC-2 Type II
PCI-DSS Tier 1