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Running Workflows

Workflows can be started/resumed using triggers. There are 3 types of triggers:

  1. Webhook - A webhook is a URL that can be called to start/resume a workflow.
  2. Schedule - A schedule is a cron expression that can be used to start/resume a workflow on a schedule.
  3. Workspace Event - An event within the Modernbanc workspace can be used to start a workflow.


Note: Make sure the workflow is active before trying to start/resume it. Otherwise you'll get an error response as shown below.

  "code": "ERR_BAD_REQUEST",
  "message": "The workflow version with id 'b76c6dea-d0dd-4235-a2ba-448278028ceb' is not active in your current environment."


  • Navigate to the Workflows page, or press G and then W.
  • Click on the workflow you want to run.
  • Select the executions tab from left sidebar.
  • Click on the Run Workflow button.
  • Select start/resume, workflow, workflow_version, step and environment from the dropdowns. Current workflow, workflow_version and environment will be pre selected by default.
  • Optionally add headers and body to the request.
  • Click on the Run button.


Workflows with a schedule trigger attached, are triggered by cron expressions. Learn more about available cron expressions here.

Example - A workflow that has a trigger with a cron expression of */5 * * * * will be triggered every 5 minutes.

Workspace Event

A workflow with a workspace event trigger attached, will be triggered when the selected event in the trigger occurs in the workspace.

Example - A workflow that has a workspace event trigger which is listening to Create Transaction events will be triggered when a Transaction is created in the modernbanc workspace.