Payments Data Platform | Modernbanc


In Modernbanc we support our own custom powerful formula language. It’s currently only used in workflows and later will be used across the whole app.

It aims to achieve 3 things:

  • Be a read-only, secure and highly performant way of accessing/calculating data in Modernbanc.
  • Have 90% resemblance with Excel to reduce the learning curve.
  • Have shortcuts and natively support references to Modernbanc models (e.g accounts).

You typically can start writing formulas anywhere in the workflow by typing [[formula goes here]].

For example, when I want workflow to return the number that was provided by user and multiply it by 4.

Return step:
    "code" : 200,
		"return" : "New value is [[_trigger_version._input.body*4]]"


  • Binary operators: + (plus), - (minus) * (multiply) / (divide).
  • Object and member expressions similar to Javascript. E.g normal member expressions account.balances or computed member expressions steps[3] (by computed we mean you can put an expression e.g to access step 7 you can do steps[3+4]
  • Objects and arrays.
  • Coming soon: shortcut references to accounts and other models (e.g #ACT-5.balance)