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All get endpoints that return multiple objects can be paginated. Modernbanc supports cursor-based pagination. Available query parameters are:

takeHow many objects to take in this request. (e.g ?take=10)
skipHow many objects to skip before starting to take objects. (e.g ?skip=10)
order_byProperties to order objects by, takes property name and direction (asc or desc). You can order by a single field e.g ?order_by=id:asc or multiple fields e.g ?order_by=name:asc,created_at:asc which will return objects ordered by name, and if two have the same name it'll use created_at to decide which one goes first.
afterAfter which object it should start taking objects, can be used in combination with skip. For example to get 2nd-10th accounts created after 1st of May:
beforeSame as after but used when paginating backwards from the end. Note that the before and after are base64 encoded and actually look like eyJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjoiMTY4OTAxMDc4NTk2OSIsImlkIjoiZDExMzNmZWEtYzIzMy00YjM4LTllODYtOTNhNmJlZWZmM2JiIn0=