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Network Tokens

Reduce interchange fees and increase authorization rates. Access network tokenization with Modernbanc.
Increase authorization rates.
If a customer card is expired or lost network token is automatically updated by the issuer.
Prevent fraud
Network tokens are dynamically updated, making them less attractive targets for fraudsters.
Reduce interchage fees
Transactions powered by network tokens are generally eligible for lower fees by card networks.

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Modernbanc compliantly collects and passes card data to generate network tokens.

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We’ll hop on a call with you to discuss you the options available to access network tokens with card processors.Book a consultation
Integrate your product
Integrate network tokens by either deploying your code on our PCI-compliant servers or use our visual low-code editor to design your card and payments data flows.
Go live or start PCI audit
Go live in minutes if you want to leverage our PCI-certification or if you want to obtain your own Attestation of Compliance we’ll introduce you to the auditor that’s familiar with our architecture.
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SOC-2 Type II
PCI-DSS Tier 1