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Helping Ontop scale a leading global payroll platform to $100m+ transaction volume.
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Saved on ledger development.
100 hours/month
On manual financial operations.
1-2 years
Spared in ledger engineering effort.
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Remote - Miami, Florida, US
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250 employees
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Carlos Cruz
CTO at Ontop

We hit the jackpot when we teamed up with Modernbanc — our great ally, beloved by our Tech Team for their outstanding technology and amazing technical support. Their all-in-one financial platform accelerated our roadmap, allowing us to launch our Ontop Wallet and Card in record time.


Ontop is a fast-growing, streamlined global payroll provider. They simplify remote onboarding for companies with international employees. They operate in 150+ countries and are trusted by over 1,000 clients, from startups to public companies.

Remote workers face onboarding issues and outdated payroll processes - not to mention extra work with compliance laws.

Due to a combination of factors, remote work has spiked incredibly in recent years. The global payroll market, currently estimated at USD 98.5 billion, is projected to reach USD 133.69 billion by 2028. Ontop wanted to launch two new products (Ontop Wallet and Ontop Card) to help remote international employees get paid in USD.


The team at Ontop quickly realized that to enable this experience, they’ll need to track all financial activity and payments in a unified multi-currency ledger.

From building a chart of accounts, to collecting, disbursing, and reconciling payments for contractors - nothing can be missed or miscalculated, as people’s livelihoods depend on their checks arriving on time.

After evaluation, none of the existing ledgers like Quickbooks/SAP or Netsuite were scalable or developer-friendly to power their financial operations.

In addition, Ontop needed to build unique card journeys, which required them to store and reuse card data, and it usually takes from one to two years to build the encryption infrastructure and become PCI compliant.

The team came to us looking for an integrated full-stack solution that would power their current and future use cases without stitching and contracting with 5+ vendors.


Thanks to Modernbanc, Ontop was able to launch both Ontop Wallet and Card products in record time!

They then used the Workflows module to automate financial operations for Card products, including registering a card, topping up/withdrawing money, and getting real-time card notifications from Visa.

Lastly, the Ontop team used our compliant Vault to store and manage customer PCI card data in-house. They were able to embed Modernbanc’s native and web SDKs to collect card numbers and send them to other payment processors like Paysend.

With this setup, Ontop was able to future-proof their financial operations and manage their end-to-end money flows, including card journeys, all in one place.


By choosing Modernbanc, Ontop was able to:

  • Launch Wallet and Card products 10 times faster.
  • Save over $480,000 annually in ledger research and engineering..
  • Save 1-2 years on achieving PCI compliance and building encryption infrastructure to secure customer and card data.
  • Save over 100 hours/month in financial operations.

Because Modernbanc’s modules are all natively integrated, Ontop was able to reuse its financial primitives across multiple products without having to deal with 5+ vendors!

As a result, they future-proofed their financial stack and were able to focus on their Wallet product launch and spend more time serving their customers, all while growing to over $100m in monthly transaction volume.